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The only people gambling strategies favor are the ones out there selling you guides promising a fail-safe method of getting rich at casinos. Looking at games like slots, roulette and dice games, all games of pure chance coincidentally, each result of an individual spin or roll of the dice is independent of the previous result. In the short run you may find that one of the wagering systems you’ve used has worked, but in the long run there’s just no overcoming the house edge. Proof of this is that as successful as these con artists are at selling you these baseless strategies, there’s not a single casino out there that has been brought down to its knees by any one player or group of players implementing one of the popular gambling strategies. We’ll take a look at the most used strategies now.

Gambler’s Fallacy

Not as much a strategy as it is a commonly held belief, gambler’s fallacy is the most ubiquitous method implemented by most players. This belief holds that due to some outside force of luck or chance that if a certain result has happened in one play it is less likely to happen in the next. So many roulette gambler’s have applied a system based on this thinking believing that if the ball has landed on black on two occasions it would be more likely that it will land on red in the next round. Wrong.

Games like roulette, craps and slots are like flipping coins, where regardless of the number of previous rounds, the result of each new game is not affected by the previous one. Looking at a coin flip, on each game both heads and tails have the same probability of appearing on each toss, that is a 50% chance. If it lands on tails in round 1 it doesn’t make heads more or less likely to happen in the next. The slate is simply washed clean and the probability starts from fresh at 50% in the next toss. It is purely a matter of chance and should be treated as such.

The Martingale

This gambling strategy is applied on even money (2 to 1) bets by doubling the wagering amount after each loss. The thinking is that when eventually you win you’ll make up for all your losses plus 1 unit of the original betting amount. It’s a system that requires a big bank roll as again, in games like roulette or craps there’s no mathematical formula that can determine the possible result of each game as the results are a matter of pure chance, and so the possibility of you losing many games in succession is a real possibility. What those studying the statistics behind this system have discovered is that whether you use The Martingale system or use simple methods like betting the same amount each time the amount you lose compared to the amount you bet is equal. This of course is same as the value of the house edge which in the long run always holds true.

As players have become more wary about these gambling strategies, those selling get rich gambling schemes have worked to devise new strategies masked in technical jargon, but whatever the scheme, the end result is the same – the house edge always holds true. So if you are going to play games of chance like slots, roulette and craps remember that no matter your strategy the outcome is the same, so don’t spend money on guides offering you lies.

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