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When it comes to online casinos, Canadians, like many other nationalities in the world, seem to have a preference for the high energy, pulsating world of online slots. It’s the simplicity, variety and high entertainment value which wins most gamers over. Online slots are games of pure chance with the software randomly generating combinations which determines whether you win or not. While there’s no doubting the simplicity of playing online slots, as is the rule for online gambling in general, it’s important to know the rules of how online casino slots work.

Mega Moolah Isis slotChoosing an online slot game
There are literally thousands of different online slot game varieties to choose from. The most traditional being the 3-reel slot games, which usually offers only one payline. In the last decade video slot games, games with five or more reels, have become increasingly popular as they offer greater frequencies and chances of winning through multiple paylines.

How To Play Online Slots
Each slot game has it’s own unique paytable, combination of paylines, minimum and maximum bet values, bonus deals and payout rates.

Decide on your bank roll
Starting off you’ll need to determine your overall bank roll. This is the amount you are willing to spend each time you log in to play. To reap the benefits in the long term, it’s important that you decide your bankroll before you start playing and stick to this amount. A good rule of thumb is that your bank roll should be the maximum amount of dollars you’re are willing to risk losing in any one round of playing, so as to not unfavorably change your current financial status.

How to bet on a spin
Next you’ll need to decide how much you’ll like to bet on each spin. This involves a combination of choosing how many lines you’d like to play and what bet value you’d like each line to hold. So, for example, should you choose a video slot which allows you to play a maximum of 25 lines (i.e. there are 25 possible winning combination sequences) and you decide to play the maximum of 25 lines, and you decide to bet C$0.20 per line, your total bet for that spin will be C$5. Each game will have a minimum and maximum betting amount so you’ll be restricted by this, unless you’re a VIP player, where your limits are greater.

How to know when you have won
Understanding how paylines work is important in determining when you win. A payline is a sequence in which slot game symbols need to appear in order for you to win on a slot spin. There’s usually a minimum number of symbols which you need to attain before you win. The more symbols in the specified sequence, the more you win. The number of paylines vary by game, and can be between 1 and 25.

Hall of Gods slotHow to know how much you have won
How much you win is determined by the paytable. The paytable lists the winning values of each combination, relative to the symbols. It is usually the symbol most closely linked to the theme of the game which has the highest value. When playing slots, one of the exciting elements is looking out for a scatter symbol. A scatter symbol, is a special symbol which can usually appear in any sequence in combinations of three or more (sometimes two or more). A scatter symbol payout multiplies the entire bet and not an individual payline, like most symbols- making it one of the most lucrative symbols in the game. Happy scatter symbol hunting.

Bonus spins and games in online slots
Many online slot games will often include bonus spins and games, allocated randomly, but more often through a combination of symbols like the scatter symbol. Bonus spins allow you to have a free spin and to keep any winnings from that spin. Bonus games are usual mini-games within your chosen slot game. It differs, in that it doesn’t involve a spin but rather some form of strategy or selection on your side. These bonus spins and bonus games usually increase your winnings and fun significantly, which makes it an important factor to consider when choosing the best online slot game.

Practice and Enjoy
Slots are big fun and are very simple, yet to hone your instinct at knowing when to go big or when to retreat it’s important that you practice. Many of the reputable online casinos will offer you the opportunity to play free demo versions before you start playing for real money. Take advantage of this and then once you feel you’ve got the necessary knowledge, dive in and enjoy the excitement that comes with playing online slots