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In what will be the first film to take an inside look into the thrilling, often misunderstood and mysterious world of online casino gambling, ‘Runner, Runner’, will star Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

Based in the US the film is rooted in the world of illegal gambling online, with the screenwriters being the same duo who penned 1998 poker hit ‘Rounders’. With online gambling having seen prodigious growth in the past 15 years, the film will be perfectly poised to shed some insight into an industry shrouded in controversy.

While online gambling is still illegal in the US, thousands of citizens play on a daily basis, with some even managing to turn a full time job from it. Just last year the federal clampdown in the US on several online casinos caused a major public stir. A year later state legislation seems to be warming to the idea of a regulated online gambling industry.

No plot details or launch dates have been revealed but it’s sure to be a must-see for all of us who form part of the inner workings of online casinos like ourselves.