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The best online casino games to play are the ones which offer you the best odds. Games with the best odds are also the ones with the lowest house edge. For an explanation on house edge click here. Based on the games which have the lowest house edge/advantage the list below explains the best games to play if you wish to have the best chance carving out a winning strategy.

Game Rules/Bet House Edge
Video Poker Rules: Jacks or Better Full Pay 0.46%
Black Jack Rules: Vegas Rules* 0.28%
Baccarat Bet on Banker 1.06%
Baccarat Bet on Player 1.24%
Craps Bet on Don’t Pass/Don’t Come 1.36%
Craps Bet on Pass/Come 1.41%
Pai Gow Poker Rules: one on one against dealer & Bet half plays as Banker 1.46%


For the black jack house edge to hold true you’ll need to play on games which have liberal Vegas rules where the dealer stands on a soft 17, the player can double on any two cards and after splitting, the player can resplit aces and do late surrenders. Platinum Play casino has the Multi Hand Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold game which allows you to play with these rules.From the table we see that video poker has the best house edge. Unlike playing slot machines, with video poker you can figure out your odds of winning by looking at the payout schedule of each game. For this house edge to hold you need to find a full play video poker machine.

While these are the best games to play if you wish to increase your chances of being successful it does assume that you applying perfect play theory and that this house edge holds true over the long run, so during some games you’ll finish up and others down on the average.

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