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In two previous referendums in 1998 and 2003 attempts to construct a casino in Kahnawake failed to get the support of key local organizations. Despite these previous two failed attempts, members of the Mohawk community will again be polled in a new effort to revive the idea.

This time round it may take on a slightly different face in the wake of federal budget cuts which is likely to slash the current $44 million budget which the community receives as a subsidy from Ottawa. The opportunity to be self sustainable by generating income and new jobs is a payoff, which in the current budgetary environment, may be a golden carrot just a bit to good to pass up in this third vote in 15 years.

Grand Chief Mike Delisle believes the vision to be a long term one that will provide independence to the community and create a sustainable source of long term employment.

As the plan stands, the casino will be built off of Highway 30 and will cost an estimated $50 million. The casino is set to house 1,000 slot machines and 35 table games. A conservative profit of $50 million has been projected for the first full year of operations. Key also is the creation of an estimated 900 new jobs.

With the community still divided the vote on the 28 April could go either way, and should it be negative for a third time running, one would surely assume that the debate would be emphatically ended and laid to rest.