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Monte Cristo is one of the most unique slots to be launched in the last few years of online gaming. Not just your standard slot, it combines the best of the casino and arcade worlds. A bouncing ball which breaks crates to create pathways to winning treasures replaces the standard spinning reels of traditional slots. The game follows the famous plot of the Alexandre Dumas fiction, The Count of Monte Cristo, where as a player, you take on the role of the lead character. There are two unique settings – one inside the Chateau D’if where you are held captive and need to try to escape, and the second on the Monte Cristo isle with a view of the sea and freedom. The game was launched in July 2012 by Cryptologic, who partnered with InterCasino to present punters with this innovative game.


Monte Cristo slot is the latest addition to Intercasino's portfoliio of games. Read the full review here.








As there are no reels on this slot, there is no standard paytable or paylines to go with it. The minimum bet is $0.02 and the maximum is $500. You win when the bouncing balls manages to break wooden crates and strike one of the treasures which are behind them. The list of symbols are as follows:

Value Symbols

Gold Coins
Emerald Rings
Treasure Chests
Sapphire Jewel

Special Symbols

Victorian Masque

How the slot works

In each of the two different settings, the chateau and the isle, there are treasures. The path to these treasures is blocked by wooden crates, rocks and metal barriers. During each play the bouncing ball gives ten bounces as it tries to crash through the barriers to reach the winning treasures. After 10 such consecutive plays, the arrangement of the treasures and barriers changes, which keeps it interesting from a gaming perspective.

If, during the plays, the ball manages to break through the barriers and strike one of the winning symbols you can either win a cash value prize or one of two bonus rounds. A new play starts after the ball has bounced 10 times without striking any wins or if the ball strikes the skeleton.

Special Features

Victorian Masque

If the ball strikes the Victorian masque you get to have 1 free game where the barriers do not reset themselves, so you have an extra chance of striking something. This can be considered to be the wild in normal slots.


When the heart symbol is truck it multiplies any win by the number that appears from it, so it is the multiplier.

Concealed Letter

Striking the concealed letter will reveal a number that will tell you how many free bonus spins you’ve won. During the bonus spins you can re-activate more free spins.

Monte Cristo slot can now be played at Interacasino









Getting the key symbol will take you to a secret chamber, where you get to choose between two doors. Choose the correct door and you’ll find a treasure chest filled with instant cash prizes. The incorrect door holds nothing, or a working maiden which takes you back to normal gameplay.

Another feature of this slot game is the exploding bombs which if struck takes out everything around it – this could bring considerable luck if it is positioned close to winning symbols.

When Intercasino announced the launch of this game it had everybody in the industry talking, this due to its novelty and unique gameplay. After playing the game for a couple of hours, us folks here at Online Casino Canada can confirm that Monte Cristo certainly has a high novelty factor which manages to hold your intrigue. The one frustrating factor, if you grew up playing any form of arcade game is that when you see the ball narrowly missing winning opportunities or ending your game prematurely, you wish you had more control over the game.

This aside, it is a great game to add to your favorites, so that when you get a bit tired of spinning reels you now have a new option waiting for you at InterCasino.

Intercasino Monte Cristo Slot Review, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating