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So you’ve chosen your casino and based on your research and independent reviews, the online operator you choose is known to be reputable and has the necessary certification from a regulatory testing company like eCOGRA or TST. You also see that one of these companies has performed a RNG test and Payout Percentage verification on your chosen casino. Now the RNG is an indicator that the casino is not rigging its software in its favor- that is, it is not cheating. But the casino payout percentage report, why should it mean anything to you as a player?

Looking at what exactly a payout percentage is will help to explain its’ importance to you. Simply put, the payout percentage is the amount of winning money the online casino pays out as a percentage of the amount of money wagered by players. So if a report shows that All Slots Casino, for example, has a payout rate of 97%, it means that for each Canadian dollar bet at its’ casinos, 97 cents is paid back as winnings to players. Thus, on each dollar bet at All Slots, the casino sees a gross profit margin of 3 cents.

Does this mean that you will lose only 3% of all the money you wager at All Slots? The answer to that is a resounding no. The reason being is that this average holds over an extended period of time and for all players measured as a group, not as an individual. What this number says is that in the long run, say after C$1 million (this figure purely for illustration purposes) worth of spins of the reel on a slot machine, All Slots Casino would’ve paid C$970,000 as winnings to players measured as a whole. It is thus possible that within this time frame one player was able to win more than he/she has bet, another received back the same amount as he bet while others have had varying degrees of success or bad luck. Ultimately, as with all averages, it’s a rule of thumb which applies over the long-term and for the player population as a whole, not for the individual.

Payout reports will usually give a breakdown for each type of game like slots, card, table or skills game (example below). It is a generally held theory that games requiring more betting decision skills, like craps, will have a higher payout percentage, but only as long as each player playing the game makes the most optimal betting decisions. For most players who are recreational players, the emphasis is not so much on skill, as it is on enjoyment and depending on the roll of the green.

Looking at the payout percentage report of a casino over the long-run, say a period of 6 months or more can be a good indicator for which casinos are more generous than others when it comes to dishing out winnings. However, factors like bonuses, promotions, progressive jackpots should ultimately all be assessed for making a final judgment and choice of online casino.

With our casino reviews we’ve put all the information in an easy to read guide so that your choice of online casino can be made simpler, quicker and more thoroughly.