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For those already into playing online casino slot games, online slots tournaments are a perfect supplement which gives increased interaction, heightened suspense and greater chances at higher prize incentives. The most well known and most lucrative of slots tournaments, the Grand Slam of Slots, in its second edition had a minimum prize pool of $290,000 which increased as more players joined. Outside of the bigger tournaments, due to the increasing popularity of competitive multi-player tournaments, you can now easily find daily tournaments at a host of reputable online casinos which cater to the global market, including Canada. Below you’ll find a list of those casinos.

Casino Frequency Biggest Monthly Tournament Name Biggest Tournament Prize Pool
All Slots Casino Daily, Weekly and Monthly Monthly Monster $25,000
Platinum Casino Daily, Weekly and Monthly Monthly Monster $25,000
Go Wild Casino Daily, Weekly and Monthly Monthly Monster $25,000
All Jackpots Casino Daily, Weekly and Monthly Monthly Monster $25,000
Mummy’s Gold Casino Daily, Weekly and Monthly Monthly Monster $25,000
888 Casino 22nd and 23rd of each month Spin City $8,750

Slots tournaments operate in much the same way as normal slots, save for the fact that you’re playing against other players and that you play with a specified number of playing credits in a specified amount of time. Within these boundaries, the objective for each player is to accumulate the highest amount of winning points versus other players. A live scoreboard alerts you of your position so that you can make informed wagering decisions. Certain tournaments have an entry fee, while there are many small stakes tournaments which are free to enter.

While playing you’ll also have the option of extending your playing time and credit line in two ways.

  1. Rebuy – to rebuy is essentially to start playing the game from scratch with your previous point score being wiped clear. You pay a fee for this and at the end of the tournament only your highest score stands
  2. Continue Play – the continue play option allows you to buy extra credit and playing time, and any points earned after choosing the continue play option will be added to your previous points score. So you essentially pay for the right to increase your chances of winning

Prizes for tournaments vary from cash, bonus credits, vacations and even gold bullion. In tournaments with multiple “feeder” rounds, the main prize of the earlier rounds is usually an non-exchangeable free entry into a later more lucrative round. Some tournaments have a set time duration, while “sit and go” tournaments commence when a specified minimum number of players is reached. When playing “sit and go” tournaments be sure to be ready to play when the tournament commences, because you’ll not receive extra playing time for not being on time.

Tips for playing online slot tournaments

  • Choose tournaments with the highest prize pool and/or the lowest entry fees
  • Also look at the prize spread as some tournaments even offer bottom finishers a prize incentive
  • Always wager the maximum bet as this will ensure that any winning spin will be the maximum possible
  • Play as many bets as possible, so keep your playing finger ready to act after the end of each spin
  • Have fun, while it’s a competition against fellow players for the least it should put a smile on your face

As online slots tournaments continue to grow and attract players from all over the world you can expect the number and prize money involved to grow proportionately. So if you love slots games but have never played in a tournament before, we invite you to experience the suspense and added entertainment that comes with wagering against other players.

Happy slots tournament gaming!