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When you go online to enjoy your favorite casino game, be it slots, video poker or any other host of options, there’s always this voice in the back of your mind asking (especially when you are on a bad streak) “is this online casino cheating me?”. Are the reels in the Mega Moolah slot rigged, or could it be that the reason I haven’t won in my last ten video poker hands is that the deck of cards being used is not standard? These are all the teasing conspiracies that consume our thoughts as the adrenalin pumps while we’re chasing after that elusive big bucks win.

The short answer to the question of whether reputable online casinos cheat is an unequivocal no. When delving into the reasons behind this answer we find two main reasons to back it up. One, casinos wouldn’t be in business if initially the odds of each bet weren’t in their favor, more on this later. Secondly, with many of the reputable online casinos forming part of major groups which are listed on international stock exchanges, the risks of cheating to the casino are great, so they go through a number of tests to ensure that they comply with international gaming standards.

The odds of each bet are in favor of the house

The business model of every casino, be it online or land-based, is that they derive their profits from bets by paying less than the true odds of the bet. This is why each game you play is automatically in favor of the casino. To explain, say you were to wager C$1 on a coin flip where you have a 50/50 chance of winning the bet; the true odds in a normal world would be that for every dollar you bet you’ll receive a dollar in return for every win. So the true odds can be stated as 1 to 1. If casinos paid you true odds they’d soon go out of business, so what they do is to pay you less than the true odds. It could be that for every dollar you bet they’ll pay 97c for a win. So viewing your online gambling as entertainment, consider this underpaying of odds a cost for the gaming service that the casino delivers.

This rate differs by each game based on probabilities and by each casino, but this should give you a clear indication of why casinos do not have to cheat, and exactly why the reputable online casinos out there do not cheat. With millions of players enjoying online gaming around the world, online casinos see handsome profits by the sheer number of people passing through their virtual doors each day.

Does this mean that a player never makes a profit from gambling? The reality for most players is that they’ll never make a profit from gambling in the long run based on the fact that the odds always favor the house. One of the few ways of making a profit is to hit a progressive jackpot, which of course all depends on lady luck choosing you to be her faithful friend. Other ways involve a more serious, professional and skilled approach for games like multi-player poker and other skills games. For most of us, online gambling is all about entertainment, and should lady luck rain down on us, the win is a hugely welcome added bonus to the enjoyment we get from our gaming.

Online Casino Reputation is King

Many online casinos are part of major global groups which are listed in numerous stock exchanges around the world. Given this, stakeholder reputation plays a key part in their operations, and for this they go through great lengths to ensure that they comply with strict international gaming standards. Given that legislation in online gaming is still in its infancy in many countries in the world, the majority of online casinos operate under jurisdictions in Europe like Malta and Gibraltar. Gaming authorities in these jurisdictions enforce and monitor the gaming acts so that online gaming is fair and transparent, and to prevent any crime, corruption and money laundering . Specifically for online casinos, regulatory testing companies exist which do monthly to quarterly tests assessing whether an online casino is compliant.

Key to test whether a casino is cheating by rigging any of the gaming software in their favor is something called the Random Number Generator (RNG) test. If the results of the reel spins, card draws or dice rolls are not random then the player would be at a disadvantage. So the RNG test ensures that this is not the case. It is thus important to verify that any online casino you play at has been tested for this, by a reputable testing authority. These can usually be confirmed by looking on the casino site for the logo of one of the following independent bodies:

  • eCOGRA
  • Technical Systems Testing
  • Certified Fair Gaming
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • Gaming Associates
  • BMM International

So in conclusion, reputable casinos out there have too much riding on their reputation and business for them to chase short-term gain by cheating you as a player- with the odds of bets in their favor they also have no need to. As any other successful business, the reputable online casinos are in it for the long run and thus you can sleep easy at night knowing that when you next go online to enjoy an entertaining game of slots, that whether you win or lose it’s purely a question of luck- some days it smiles on you, others, well it’s a bit shy and needs some more coaxing.

Happy gaming!

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